#SMDayTampa is here!

Welcome to the party, amigos y amigas! We’ve got some exciting news for every one of you who thrives on social media. The time and place have officially been set! Ferg’s Live has agreed to host us on the evening of JuneĀ 30th at 6 pm to 9 pm. But if you’re a VIP, you get to come at 5 pm for a whole hour of special recognition and maybe a few treats? If you are a professional social media manager, sign up on the VIP page to confirm your status. If you’re not a social media manager, you can join in on the fun at 6 pm! Here’s the Facebook Event for that. And while we’re waiting for the event, here are a few images for you to share with your friends! Click on ’em to get the full sized image to download.


This one is good if you wanna use it as a header image somewhere.




This one is square so you can share it on Instagram or just wherever you squad is!

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