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“Socialness” is intrinsic to any event where people are involved. With social media, organizers can give away prizes, share professional photos, announce upcoming speakers, or just interact with the guests so they feel welcomed. Unfortunately, event organizers don’t always have the time or ability to keep up with social media while the event is going on. Here at GreenBarLabs, we specialize in event social media and we have a couple of tips that will make sure you have the best social presence during your awesome, but busy event.

Schedule Announcements

There are usually a few different events within events that happen that people need to be reminded of. Speakers, workshops, presentations, games, whatever you’ve got going on; if people are following along on Twitter, schedule a tweet to announce these things so they won’t miss it. There are several ways to do this. You can use Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, Buffer, whatever. You could also encourage people to Star your profile so that the Twitter app sends mobile notifications whenever you tweet. That way they’re always up to date with whatever’s going on.

Take Professional Photography

Amateur photography is great. Retweeting the pictures that other people take doesn’t take a lot of effort and shares moments that are meaningful to people. On the other hand, professional photography makes people come back and take a second look at your profile. People will pay attention when a picture looks really good. If you hire a professional photographer for your event, ask them if you can take their digital photographs every half hour so you can share them on social channels. Not every photographer will do this, but it’s worth the ask. And if you have a good, professional camera, use it!

Give Away Prizes

If you find that you’ve got a lot of interaction going on through social media, it might be a good idea to start giving away prizes! Get a lot more engagement by requiring users to accomplish a simple task in exchange for some swag, for example, sharing a specific picture, quoting a speaker and using a hashtag, or mentioning a relevant profile. What you give away is up to you, but make sure it’s worth it to the people participating!

Interact With Guests

Most importantly, if people are tweeting at your profile or commenting on your Facebook page during your event, it’s important that they get a response as quickly as possible. Interacting with them is the best way to make sure they are satisfied with their experience. Whether they have an issue that you need to correct, or they just want to say how amazing their experience has been, respond with kindness and personality and you’ll gain a friend for life!
Thank you for participating in Social Media Day this year! We’ll see you on the Internet!

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