The Winners Are… | Social Media Day Tampa Bay Awards

Thanks to hundreds of you for nominating and hundreds more of you for voting in the first ever Social Media Day Tampa Bay Awards. With so many great people in the running for your votes, it was a tight race.

These winners are driving our community forward through their use of social media. They are innovators, relationship builders and believers in the power of social media.

Here they are…

Best Local Blogger has been awarded to: Lauren Gay- The Outdoorsy Diva

Best Local Instagram Account has been awarded to: Datz 7 Dough- @Datz4Foodies

Best Local Social Media Professional has been awarded to: Jenn Thai

Best Local Social Charity has been awarded to: The Ryan Nece Foundation

Thank you to everyone that participated in this year’s nominations, voting and event! We look forward to having you back next year as we make the event even better!

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